Indentation 2018

11 September 2018 to 14 September 2018
FEMS Member Society event

The symposium “Indentation 2018” from SF2M Groupe Indentation Multi-Echelle (GIME) is addressed to academics and industrials concerned with mechanical characterisation issues with instrumented indentation at different scales. The goals of this symposium are to communicate on recent developments in indentation in terms of analysis and simulation, to show the extent of the derived properties and to present indentation applications (fracture, mechanics, constitutive laws, plasticity, fatigue, creep, …). This will be done by sweeping examples of studies on heterogeneous materials, porous ceramics, coated materials or materials with gradient properties. In general, this conference aims to better understand the indentation, but also to share this great tool for characterizing between the scientific and industrial communities. The 6th edition of the symposium will be held in Liege (Belgium) on September 11-14 2018. 

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