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Monday, 04/09/2017
Friday, 08/09/2017

19th Materials Research Society of Serbia Annual Conference YUCOMAT 2017, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Program of the Conference consists of five one-day Symposia dedicated to advanced methods in materials synthesis and processing, advanced materials for high-technology application, nanostructured materials, eco-materials and eco-technologies and biomaterials. The objective of the Conference is to critically consider the most actual problems in materials science and engineering.

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Sunday, 11/03/2018
Thursday, 15/03/2018

TMS 2018 FEMS Symposia, Phoenix Arizona


A New International Engagement Opportunity

The Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) and TMS will join the technical expertise and talents of their volunteer organizers to offer a selection of new symposia at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting (TMS2018) & Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona, March 11–15. Topics will explore science and technologies from the perspective of developments in Europe.

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to September 30!

Planned Symposia

Nanocellulose Fibrils: A New Constituent in Materials Research

Organizer: Lars Berglund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Cellulose has primarily been used in the form of chemical pulp fibers for paper and board applications, although cellulose fibers are also the key component or precursor to cotton textiles and Rayon or Viscose fibers. Recently, industrially feasible processes have been introduced for disintegration of cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) from the plant cell wall. CNF has been used to prepare nanopaper, aerogels, hydrogels, polymer matrix biocomposites, inorganic hybrids and many other types of materials. Research related to CNF encompasses a number of areas, including structure-property relationships, colloidal behavior, materials preparation studies, and topochemical modification.

This symposium will examine the potential, development, and application of CNF. Presentations on preparation methods and structure-property relationships, including interface studies involving molecular dynamics simulations, are highly encouraged. The potential of water-based processing is of particular interest.

Process Intensification in Pyrometallurgical Systems

Organizers: Bart Blanpain, K.U. Leuven; Nikolaos Michailidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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Topics of interest for this symposium include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy density increases in electric, gas, or other fueled furnaces
  • Higher rates of gas injection per liquid volume in bath smelting operations
  • Higher degrees of oxygen enrichment, higher firing rates, advanced burner designs
  • Advances in furnace types from low intensity, e.g. reverb, to flash or beyond, e.g. plasma
  • Changes required to the vessels to maintain vessel integrity at higher processing speeds
  • Impacts of high rates of processing on deviation from equilibrium
  • Strategies to enhance heat and mass transport to maintain traditional processing efficiency/thermal efficiency
  • On-line measurement and other improved process controls which allow for high processing intensities

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Sunday, 27/05/2018
Friday, 01/06/2018

Fatigue 2018, 12th International Fatigue Congress, Poitiers France

We are extremely pleased to announce the 12th International Fatigue Congress which will be held in Poitiers, France from May, 27th to June, 1st 2018. On the occasion of its return in Europe, the Congress will be hosted for the first time in France, and more precisely on the Futuroscope area located in the “Grand Poitiers” agglomeration. This venue, with its unique mixture of cultural heritage and modernity, will constitute a memorable experience for all attendees. Futuroscope The Organizing Committee will also help delegates who wish to extend their stay by proposing tours with many outstanding attractions (Chateaux of the Loire Valley, Atlantic Coast, vineyards, ). The Fatigue 2018 Congress will be the twelfth in a series of major international conferences held since 1981. This series aims to provide a discussion forum for both fundamental aspects and practical applications of fatigue, covering all aspects of fatigue, all type of materials, and all fields of interest (transportation, energy, electronics, civil engineering, medicine ,…).

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